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Bass Master Classic!

Bass Master Classic!

It’s finally here! The biggest event of the year….the Bass Master Classic! Are you attending? We are and we can’t wait. We drove by some launches last week and saw all the pro’s trucks. We are super excited and we will be posting pictures from the tournament. What will it take to win? Make your guess on the winning weight and whoever is closest will win a prize pack! Leave us a comment, send us a message or stop by the store with your guess to be entered.

The river has been slowly returning to reasonable levels since the rain has slowed down. According to the USGS website this morning, the flow rate at Cleveland is 1220cfs. This is still a little too fast for a leisurely fishing kayak trip, but you can fish the slower, deep holes at this rate. Bank fishing will be a little more challenging with the level and flow rate up, but it is worth a try in some of the deep holes.



The featured fishing item this week is the brand-new Stanley Jigs 6” Sidetrac Mud Puppy. This plastic lure is designed to be fished around structures, such as stumps and posts, because it has a unique action – swimming backward! This lure, when slowly jigged off the bottom, will dart backward and roll back around near its original position. This is great for fishing around boat docks and other areas bass like to sit around. We have 5 colors of this lure and they are selling fast!

The bass are still hitting at Oxbow. I had about 30 minutes before dark yesterday evening and decided to toss a swimbait around for a bit. There was a monster fish blowing up on the top for most of the time I was there, but it just wasn’t interested in my swimbait! I did manage to land a little largemouth though.



Spearhead Trails are still very muddy which means they are still very fun! There have been a few trail closures due to the excessive rain, but crews have been working to repair and maintain these as quickly as possible. We carry all types of passes and some ATV supplies. If you are a resident of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Tazewell or Wise County be sure to get your Resident Permit early so you can enjoy it all year long!



The featured firearm of the week is the Springfield XDM 45ACP with a 3.8” barrel. It includes 2 double stack magazines, interchangeable backstraps and a nice hard carrying case. The best part is that this firearm is just $489.99!

We have restocked our ammo with more than ever, so we are able to better meet your needs. We greatly appreciate all the business we have had recently, and we are excited to be able to provide what you need locally and at reasonable prices. Next time you stop in, let us know what you want us to carry and we will do our best to get it!


Unique Item:

This week’s unique item is an Indian Teepee Avon Bottle. Avon was founded in 1886 in New York City. During the mid-1960s Avon began making novelty containers for their perfumes and colognes. This Indian Teepee bottle was made in the mid-1970s. The Teepee is made of amber glass and has raised pictures of Indians on horses, deer, buffalo and a hunter. The top is plastic. This bottle was originally filled with Wild Country cologne.

Also, we would like to report that our unique item from a few weeks ago, the blue squirrel on an acorn, is traveling to a buyer in California! Keep in mind, our items are unique and won’t stick around long so hurry in and check out the new finds this week!



Question: I want to rent a bike, but I don’t know where I can ride it. Where can we take them?

Answer: Unfortunately, our town streets are not very bicycle-friendly right now but thankfully we have other options! Sugar Hill Loop Trail and the River Trail are both bicycle friendly as well as Blue Belle Island Trail. Currently, Blue Belle and the River Trail are recovering from flooding, so they are a little muddy and covered with small debris. If you want a real challenge or adventure, try riding the Spearhead Trails! Bicycles are welcome to ride, free of charge! Other options include taking the bikes to other nearby trails such as the Guest River Gorge or the Creeper Trail. Our rentals are for a 24-hour period so you have plenty of time to enjoy the ride in a various places!


Thank you for reading again this week and be sure to tune in next week for updates about the Bass Master Classic! Don’t forget to submit your questions to us via email, comments, messages or by stopping in. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, Spring begins in one week so get out there and “Clinch Life!”

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