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"How high's the water?"

February 27, 2019

“How high's the water, mama?

Five feet high and risin'

How high's the water, papa?

She said it's five feet high and risin'” – Johnny Cash


Our Mighty Clinch River crested at 16.43ft on Sunday morning, according to USGS data received at the Cleveland station.   This put us into the “moderate flood stage” for about two days.  Unfortunately, this flood did cause damage to many homes, businesses and recreational areas.  Please, take time to help those in need and do not venture into areas that are in need of repair.  Our cherished Estonoa was hit very hard with the flooding and will take weeks to recover.  These pictures depict a scene that many people were all too familiar with this past weekend, flooded roadways causing detours or blocking access to homes.  The picture on the top was taken Sunday, during the highest point of the flooding.  The picture on the bottom was taken only two days later once water had receded.  We are a very resilient community and we will come together to rebuild and move forward. 

Currently, the river is slowing down and has dropped from 14500cfs to 3590cfs as of this morning.  The flooding moved a significant amount of trash and debris, so please be very careful the next time you are on the water.  There will be new fishing spots as well as new hang-up spots.  If you have questions regarding the flow rate of the river, please do not hesitate to call us!



With floodwaters still receding, we will be fishing lakes and ponds for a few days.  The forecast for this week looks warmer but more rain will be moving in by tomorrow.  As for fishing, this week we would like to feature Lincolnshire.  Lincolnshire Park, located in Tazewell, Virginia, is home to a 21 acre lake with a boat ramp and boat dock.  Located only 47 miles from our store, Lincolnshire is a great opportunity for fishing while Oxbow and the Clinch settle down.  Our guide, Billy, has fished Lincolnshire for many years and it has never let him down.  Lincolnshire is filled with largemouth bass, catfish and trout.  Per the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries trout stocking schedule, Lincolnshire was stocked on February 11, 2019.  Lincolnshire has a walking path around the entire lake, with many bank fishing opportunities.  Kayaking is also a great way to experience the fishing.  These are some pictures we have taken over the winter while fishing this hidden gem.  Contact us to set up your guided trip!

This week’s new fishing product is the Bait-Up bait system.  We stock both the 20 and the 35 size containers so you can carry as many minnows, crawfish, or hellgrammites as you need!  The Bait-Up bait system allows you to wade fish with a smaller bait container, while keeping your hands out of the cold water!

Bassmaster Classic 2019 in Knoxville, TN March 15 - 17 – Who is going? We are and we will post updates while we are there! We are stoked to have an event of this size so close to home.  The section of the Tennessee river they will be fishing is pretty big, including Fort Loudon Lake and Tellico Lake.  These areas should provide some challenging waters for competitors.  Who is your pick to win? Will Jordan Lee make this year the 3rd in a row or will it be someone more local, like Ott DeFoe? No matter who wins it is sure to be an awesome event!



This week’s featured firearm is the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine priced at only $279.99, including the forward grip!  Don't let the name "Hi-Point" scare you away, this firearm is very accurate and reliable.  We also received several more classic firearms, including two .410 youth model shotguns, just in time for Spring turkey season! 


Unique Find:

This week’s unique find is a vintage Egyptian camel saddle.  Made of leather and wood, these saddles improved travel for many riders.  The addition of the saddle allowed riders to have a more comfortable ride while carrying their supplies.  Camels were a great mode of transportation for the desert because they could travel 5-7 days without water and could travel up to 50 miles per day!  Come by the store and see this item for yourself – as we are the only store in Downtown St. Paul with this unique find!



Q: Do certain types of fish like certain types of bait? Or do they have different appetites based on the day?

A: Different species of fish love to eat different things at different times. Now normally you can’t go wrong with a juicy nightcrawler or redworm, but sometimes fish are just downright picky.  How picky a fish is will usually depend on how prevalent food sources are at the time, water temperature, turbidity of the water and time of year.  If food sources, such as bait fish and insects are reduced, you will have better luck with a variety of baits.  If the water temperature is low, fish are not willing to use much energy to catch their next meal so if you can present them with a healthy serving of food right in their sight, you are more likely to get the bite. 


Tune in next week for more information on new items and information on Spring fishing!  Until then, stay dry and Clinch Life!

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